Pure simplicity.

WordPress video plugin makes installing SmartVideo the easiest thing you’ll do all day.

WordPress video hosting plugin

Swarmify + WordPress video = perfect match 👌

Screenshot of SmartVideo WordPress video hosting plugin

Looking for professional-grade WordPress video for your site? You’re in the right place.

While users have been able to manually install SmartVideo on a WordPress site for some time, it’s now easier than ever. WordPress users can now install and manage SmartVideo right from their WordPress dashboard.

No more messing around with JavaScript or your site’s header 🙌

What the SmartVideo plugin brings to your site:

Clean, distraction-free player

YouTube and other platforms clutter their player with links to siphon your traffic. The SmartVideo player is clean, customizable, and leak free.

Automatic YouTube conversions

SmartVideo automatically fetches your videos from YouTube, encodes them, and stores them. After that, the YouTube player is completely replaced and your videos are hosted on our global delivery network and served via our accelerated playback technology.

Optimized experience on every device

With SmartVideo, your content is ready to be viewed on any device in any country, in any browser.

Continuous streaming optimization
Speedy load times
Stall-free playback
Unlimited bandwidth
Ongoing support
Simple pricing

What to expect when using the SmartVideo plugin

With SmartVideo, you can expect to see lower bounce rates and higher engagement due to 8x less buffering during video playback and 12x faster video start times. You can also expect reduced traffic leaks as your site’s visitors are no longer pulled to YouTube by links within the video player.

This leads to more conversions, clients, bookings, or sales 💰

A quick walkthrough

After installing the plugin, you will encounter the Dashboard. If you have a SmartVideo account, click the Configure button to begin configuring the SmartVideo plugin. If you don’t have an account yet, click the Create an account button to sign up for a free trial.

Once you have a SmartVideo account, you can set up SmartVideo on the Configuration page. All that is required to get up and running is your unique Swarm CDN Key.

On the Settings page, you’re able to toggle SmartVideo on and off, as well as control a few options.

What happens next?

Once SmartVideo is enabled, SmartVideo will begin scanning your site for videos. If there are YouTube videos on the site, they will be automatically converted to SmartVideo and be displayed in a clean, fast-loading player automatically, requiring no extra work on your part.

When a page with a video loads for the first time, SmartVideo fetches that video, encodes it, and stores it on Swarmify’s network. Depending on the length and resolution of the video file, a video can take up to 30 minutes to convert to SmartVideo. After the conversion process is complete, the video is hosted on our global delivery network and served via our accelerated playback technology.

This means you can keep uploading your videos to YouTube and placing them on your site, as SmartVideo will continuously look for new videos and convert them automatically.