Clean, distraction-free video

Video player

The SmartVideo player is not only fast, it’s leak-proof, clean, and customizable.

WordPress video hosting plugin
WordPress video hosting plugin

Clean, distraction-free video.

Video player

The SmartVideo player is not only fast, it’s leak-proof, clean, and customizable.

Why a clean video player matters 🧼

One of the most common ways site owners put video on their websites is by embedding videos from YouTube. This is a great option for site owners who can only afford “free”. But, as the saying goes, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”.

If something is free, it’s usually a safe bet that the one offering the product is making money one way or another. YouTube makes money off you as a site owner by stuffing its player with overlays, recommended videos, and links designed to pull viewers away from your site to YouTube. More viewers spending more time on YouTube’s own website = more ad dollars for YouTube. The company also plasters its branding all over the player overpowering and overshadowing your own brand on your own site.

YouTube also loads its player with tracking analytics designed to gather information about your users. While most site owners are not worried about their users being followed by YouTube, they should be concerned with the effect the tracking analytics have on the playback experience. With all the added weight to YouTube’s player, the speed of the experience suffers.

Our video player is designed to keep your traffic on your site. No overlays, recommended competitor videos, or links that pull visitors away. This along with our video playback acceleration means your videos start almost instantly.

Other video players are designed to steal your traffic 📉

Screenshot of SmartVideo WordPress video hosting plugin
Whereas competitors load their video players with overlays, recommended videos, tracking analytics, and links that pull viewers away, our SmartVideo player is clean. A clean video player without traffic leaks means your visitors stay focused on your brand, your content, and your site longer.

Their video player is tasked with a very different job. The job of siphoning enough of your users off to their advertisers in order to cover the cost of the free video hosting they provide to you. The more users they can siphon away, the more profit they make. All at the expense of taking your hard earned customers out from under your nose. This is not what a video player should be doing.

Optimized mobile video adapts to consumption on the go

Video players needs to adjust to the different expectations and interfaces on the end users device. On mobile it’s even more important to minimize the distractions as the screen size is much smaller. But this smaller screen size also provides a challenge when the user does need to interface with the volume controls or seeking as it needs to adjust to these needs with larger touch points to accommodate fingers instead of a computer mouse.

On desktop, the video player needs to provide support for viewing your video in-place within your site while also allowing users to fullscreen if they want to view in a more focused manor. Desktop users also want more functionality and control from their video player. All while delivering an instant on video playback experience.

What to expect when using the SmartVideo player 📺

With SmartVideo, you can expect to see lower bounce rates and higher engagement due to 8x less buffering during video playback and 12x faster video start times. You can also expect reduced traffic leaks as your site’s visitors are no longer pulled to YouTube by links within the video player.

This leads to more conversions, clients, bookings, or sales. 💰


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Smarter player with a video optimizing 🧠 inside

The video player can no longer just be a passive portal to your video content. It needs to be “smart”. What does smart mean in context of the video player. It means that it is actively monitoring the video playback and actively adjusting its strategy based on the needs at the current second. That user who is just viewing the video straight through only needs the player to ensure that the quality is exceptional and the video doesn’t buffer. But what happens when they instead decide to seek or skip forward. Everything in the video playback logic needs to change and adjust as that continuously playing content is now useless when they jump forward 5 minutes. Now the priority is getting that video to playback at the new skip point as quickly as possible.

Also, it’s time that the video player be an active participant in the playback process. It needs to learn as it observes how the user is viewing the content, how the network is performing, how the servers are responding, and countless other factors. And this is too hard to have embedded logic for every scenario. The video player has to learn from observing vast quantities of scenarios, and adapt over time as conditions, and needs change. That is what our Smart player does. It not only reacts, to ensure the best possible experience for each individual viewer, but it learns over time from the billions of video plays. Each time a video is watched through our player, it gets smarter. This collective intelligence is unmatched by anything else. And all that intelligence means we are able to deliver the world’s best video experience to each and every one of your customers.

Get a fast, clean video player today.

Don’t put up with traffic leaks. Take back control of the videos on your website with SmartVideo.