It’s time for smarter online video.

SmartVideo makes building a beautiful, professional video experience for your site effortless.

It’s time for smarter online video.

SmartVideo makes building a beautiful, native video experience for your site effortless.

Online video is way too complicated…

Between encoding, playback, and delivery, creating a native video experience for your site is a time-consuming money pit.

So we made it easy.

no encoding

Between codecs, formats, and bitrates, encoding has quite the learning curve. With SmartVideo, you’ll never have to worry about encoding again.

no programming

Here at Swarmify, we’re pretty huge video nerds. But we understand that having awesome video on your site shouldn’t just be for video nerds like us. SmartVideo makes creating a professional video experience simple for everyone.

no uploading

Managing your video content is currently a hassle. With SmartVideo, it’s simple. If you upload to YouTube and embed on your site, our script converts all of your embeds into SmartVideo. If you don’t use YouTube, place our script in your header and our tag in your HTML. That’s it.

no expert required

As stated before, SmartVideo is for anyone who wants professional video. You shouldn’t have to take out a loan or hire a video expert to create a great video experience on your site. Anyone with basic site building skills can use SmartVideo.

Distraction-free player.

Your content should be front and center on your site; no distractions. SmartVideo keeps your user experience uncluttered and your visitors focused on your content.

Automagic YouTube conversions.

YouTube is great for managing your video collection but not so great for your site’s video experience. SmartVideo takes advantage of the easy content management provided by YouTube while adding a beautifully modern, native playback experience for your site.

Buffer-free, stall-proof playback.

Other video platforms rely on outdated delivery technology resulting in roughly 1 in 4 viewers experiencing a stall-out. SmartVideo uses Swarmify’s patent-pending delivery solution, drastically reducing this issue.

Smarter video for your site is just a few clicks away.

Give your site the video platform it deserves.