What Is Swarmify?

Swarmify technology reduces a website’s bandwidth and loads assets more efficiently. Swarmify easily adds to any website and concurrently with any CDN/hosting solution.  In most cases implementation is quite easy.


One way to understand the Swarmify technology is that we help create a network of a website’s current surfers.  This network serves images and video to each other and this dramatically reduces bandwidth and saves a lot of money.


One of the innovative aspects of Swarmify is that our technology doesn't require the surfer to download any software and doesn’t require any web browser plugin.


In addition, our technology solution provides unlimited POPs (Points of Presence) and hyper-local connectivity.  Think about content being served from only 1 mile (or kilo) away instead of hundreds or thousands of miles.  And our PoPs are in ALL of the 196 countries on the planet!


Take advantage of our HiveCache - supercharged instant swarming cache.  Expire your assets instantly in some cases and never in others.  Why would you want to expire assets if they don't change.  


Our technologies are disruptive and provide a competitive advantage for any large scale site or Video Solutions Provider





Video peer to peer streaming video technology.  Large bandwidth CDN content delivery network.  File share and video reduce costs.  Bandwidth saving solution. P2P.  Innovative. Disruptive tech.  WebRTC solution that creates a network of a sites users to crowdsource your files and assets.  Works with VideoJS, Brightcove, Jwplayer, flowplayer and other html5 players.