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Expand your service offerings and earn more recurring revenue with SmartVideo. Add our video hosting for agencies to your premium services.

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Reselling SmartVideo couldn’t be simpler.

With one of our agency-exclusive bulk pricing plans, you’ll be set to make more recurring revenue and offer more services to your clients than ever before. If your clients have videos on their sites, SmartVideo is an easy upsell. And because you’re buying SmartVideo at a wholesale rate, you stand to make incredible margins on each and every install. Adding video hosting for agencies to your catalog of services is a win for your agency and a win for your clients.

Your clients will love:

Clean, professional video

YouTube looks amateur. Using SmartVideo on your clients’ sites makes you look professional.

Stall-free playback

No buffering in the middle of a video. Ever.

Optimized experience on every device

With SmartVideo, video content is ready to be viewed on any device in any country, in any browser.

No traffic leaks

YouTube’s video player is designed to steal traffic. Visitors are likely to wind up on YouTube’s website by way of the YouTube branding all over the player, the recommended videos that pop-up, and the “Watch on YouTube” button. SmartVideo puts an end to the traffic leaks.

Unlimited bandwidth

Your clients shouldn’t be punished for serving high-quality content on their sites. That’s why SmartVideo billing isn’t based on bandwidth, only video views.

Reduced bounce rates

Video start times and buffering rates are critical to a site’s bounce rate. Other video players take 12x longer to start and are 8x more likely to buffer than SmartVideo. With SmartVideo, visitors stay on a site longer and come back more often. 

You will love:

Automatic YouTube conversions ♻️

Create a professional video experience for your clients more easily than ever before with SmartVideo’s automatic YouTube embed conversions. Install SmartVideo and all the YouTube videos on your client’s site will be converted with no extra work. No YouTube videos? No problem! Use Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, or even the WordPress Media Library to store your videos. SmartVideo will do all the heavy lifting.

Customizable player 🎨

Change the color of our player and add a logo to match the theme of your client’s site. It takes no time at all.

Google Analytics integration 📊

The most powerful analytics platform is ready to be put to work for your clients’ videos. Pull data and create reports with the platform you know best.

Automatic background video acceleration ⚡

Background videos are often slow to load and detract from a site’s experience. SmartVideo accelerates the playback and load times of background videos. Fast-loading background videos = happy clients.

In-depth control of video playback ⚙️

Does a client need a video that autoplays with no controls? You can make it happen. With SmartVideo you get finite control over your client’s video experience.

Setting your own margins 💰

With one of our high-value, bulk pricing plans, the potential for profit is unlimited.

Example: if you purchase an Video Hosting for Agencies plan and resell SmartVideo at $50 per install, you’ll make an additional $1000 per month! As a SmartVideo Agency partner, you have the freedom to decide your margins.

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If you would like to simply refer customers and earn commissions instead of reselling, feel free to check out the SmartVideo Affiliate Program: