SmartVideo deserves smart pricing.

That’s why our plans grow with your site’s video experience.


$19 /mo

All core features


5,000 video views /mo

$1 per thousand additional views

Automatic YouTube embed conversions

Standard email+docs support


$49 /mo

All core features


50,000 video views /mo

$1 per thousand additional views

Automatic YouTube embed conversions

Priority email+docs support

Best value!


$99 /mo

All core features


100,000 video views /mo

$1 per thousand additional views

Automatic YouTube embed conversions

Priority email+docs+phone support

Real-time analytics dashboard

Ad network integration

Customizable player

Your snippet works great. I implemented it on a Shopify ecommerce store in about 20 seconds!


E-commerce site owner

Swarmify stood by me and helped me through the installation process. Highly recommended.


CEO of a popular diving company

SmartVideo completely cleans the YouTube ads and recommended videos off my site. And it’s effortless to use.


President of an animation company

SmartVideo is crazy easy to use and works well with no noticeable lag.


Professional photography site owner

All of our plans include SmartVideo’s core features:

Modern, professional-grade player
Stall-free playback
Continuous streaming optimization
Unlimited bandwidth/deployments
Maximum bitrate throughput
Device-agnostic experience
Smarter video tags
Ongoing support
100% satisfaction guarantee


Who is Swarmify?

Swarmify is a video acceleration company focused on bringing the streaming technologies used by the biggest names in the streaming video industry (Netflix, YouTube) to everyone in a simple package.

What is SmartVideo?

SmartVideo is Swarmify’s mission realized: the power of Netflix-quality streaming made simple for everyone. The SmartVideo platform includes a professional, modern player making use of our proprietary delivery network switching technology providing stall-out free playback at maximum bitrates.

Who is SmartVideo for?

We built SmartVideo with two groups of people in mind: developers looking to build a professional but simple, native video experience for themselves or their clients and small to medium-sized business owners tired of YouTube’s branding and recommended videos cluttering their site’s video experience.

Who is SmartVideo not for?

SmartVideo is not for you if “free” is your only option. In that case, YouTube is probably still your best bet despite their branding, recommended videos, and purposeful intent of directing your visitors away from your site and onto YouTube.

Why should I choose SmartVideo over YouTube?

As stated directly above, YouTube is your best option if you are unable to pay anything for video delivery and don’t necessarily need your site to appear professional. However, YouTube is not providing playback on your site free of charge. They are funneling users from your site with recommended videos and capturing your visitor’s attention with their logo. If you don’t mind losing a steady percentage of visitors and having YouTube’s branding on your site, YouTube is a good option.

I use YouTube on my site. How do I transition to SmartVideo?

If you use YouTube on your site, your workflow is probably something like this: 1) upload to YouTube, 2) grab your embed URL or HTML script from YouTube, 3) place the URL or HTML where you want it on your site.

Once the SmartVideo script is inserted into your header, you don’t need to change your current workflow at all to get a native video experience on your site. SmartVideo places all of your YouTube embeds into our clutter-free player without any extra work on your part.

What kind of websites can I use SmartVideo on?

SmartVideo works on any site on which you are able to add code to the header. For now, that includes any site you create with WordPress or Squarespace, with support for other site builders coming soon. For Cloudflare customers, we have an app that allows for even easier deployment.

How many sites can I use my SmartVideo account on?

As a SmartVideo user, you’re billed per video view. That means unlimited bandwidth and unlimited deployments. So, feel free to use your SmartVideo account to power the video of as many sites as you want!