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… when you understand the ‘Why’

Swarmify was created to bring Netflix-level streaming to everyone

In 2013, my wife and I were just beginning to grow our family. We had a 2-year-old daughter, Brylee, and my wife was in the late stages of pregnancy with my soon-to-be son, Bishop. For anyone that has been a parent of two young children, they know this is a time of frayed nerves, little sleep, and trying to create moments of contentment and quiet.

That sets the stage for what happened next which is pictured to the right. That is my daughter, and this is a photo of her reacting to an incident that sparked the beginnings of Swarmify. The terrible thing that caused this two year old to bawl hysterically was simple: She had been quietly watching Dora the Explorer on Netflix, when the video playback stopped and started buffering. She was crying, my wife is looking at me to fix it, I am frantically restarting routers, the streaming box, the Netflix app, and nothing is working. Eventually we were able to divert her attention to something else, but the feeling of frustration both hers, and mine at not being able to figure out “Why” formed the seeds of Swarmify.

I have been fascinated with computers since the early days of the Internet. I ran dial-up bulletin board systems from my house in high school and saw the Internet grow from a corner for similar-minded techies, to the global communication platform we see today. I even had early experience with working on Internet video. At the time in 1996, it was low resolution, black and white, but my high school senior research project was on improving compression in a project called CU-SeeMe out of Cornell University. It was one of the first video conferencing applications.

Yet here we were in 2013, the video was prettier, with color, but buffering and stall outs were still a thing. And they weren’t due to my Internet speeds, Wi-Fi network, or any of the normal culprits that fingers get pointed at. Figuring out what was causing the problem and whether it could be fixed became what my wife would likely describe as an obsession. Our entire team at Swarmify has spent the past 4 years investigating and solving the causes of these problems so that video would never again cause some future father or mother to be in the same position I was that day.

For me, it may be a bit selfish as my daughter now explains when asked what my job is that I am “fixing YouTube for the world”. But it’s not just about my family being able to watch video without issues. Video already makes up 73% of all Internet usage and is on track to grow to 90%. It plays an outsized role in how we entertain, inform, and share with each other. Yet the core way video works hasn’t been rethought since the beginnings of the Internet. Even with all of the improvements in speed and availability, video still doesn’t work reliably.

If video is going to be a building block of things to come, then it needs to be accessible, and resilient to failures. The techniques & solutions we have developed deliver on these goals and allow for video more than 8x more reliable than the largest content delivery networks, at prices that are affordable for any person, business, or organization with a message to share.

That is what drives each and every person here at Swarmify, that no matter what story you have to tell, to customers, friends, family, or even the world; video is an important part of that. We make sure that story is received with the same clarity you intended.

Nathan Barnett

Founder & CEO

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