What happens to revenue when your videos... buffer?

Study after study has shown that losing even a fraction of a second in page load time directly correlates with revenue loss. You already use a top-tier, high-performance Content Delivery Network to accelerate your website — but what about your videos?

Most CDNs rely on techniques that were originally developed for webpages to also handle their video delivery, and will tell you that you don’t need more than one CDN to achieve the best results. Modern chunked video is all just HTTP, right?

Wrong. By focusing on the unique needs of streaming video, we can do better. Watch our demo to find out how.

The solution?

Swarmify SmartVideo™

Our platform utilizes Real User Measurement (RUM) analytics and provides continuous realtime CDN switching intelligence that combines multiple delivery networks to achieve better performance and optimize the delivery experience.

Eliminate Video Buffering

Real-time network delivery adaption helps avoid congestion.

Reduce Spending

Costs are reduced by optimizing delivery network usage.

Stream Incredible HD Video

Maintains high quality video even in the face of network issues.
















562 kbps



How SmartVideo™Works, in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1:  Instrument

A single lightweight script is embedded on pages where video playback happens. The script makes no changes to playback, it only observes what does (or doesn’t!) happen when users try to play your videos.

<script src="//assets.swarmcdn.com/cross/analytics.js"></script>

The analytics.js script is hosted on a high-performance CDN, and is carefully designed not to interfere with the loading speed of your page.

  apikey: "YOUR_APP_KEY"

Only a single line of code is required to enable monitoring. Popular open-source players (VideoJS, JW Player, etc.) and major OVP platforms (Brightcove, Kaltura, etc.) are supported.

Step 2:  Observe

Whenever videos are played, data is collected and sent to the Swarmify Hive Analytics platform for analysis. Based on the observed results, the Swarmify team will make recommendations about how to best optimize for multi-CDN delivery.

Video playback data is collected regarding rebuffer rates, and segmented by both location and browser type.

Step 3:  Optimize

The Swarmify team will work with you to develop or refine your multi-CDN strategy, and deploy our intelligent switching technology to your site. This is done with a single script change which adds the switching logic to your player configurations.

<script src="https://assets.swarmcdn.com/cross/swarmcdn-custom.js"></script>

The Hive Analytics script is replaced with a script that also handles video optimization, customized as necessary to your particular needs.

  var swarmcdnkey="YOUR_APP_KEY";
  var swarmcustomvideo=true;

The script is initialized using your API key.

<video id="v1" class="video-js"
  data-setup='{"techOrder": ["Swarm", "html5"]}'>
 <source src="http://example.com/vid1.mp4"/>

And finally, your players are configured to use the optimization service. Time to get a coffee, sit back, and let SmartVideo do its work!


What you get with Swarmify

Multi-source delivery

Improves overall engagement and customer experience.

Automatic price reductions

As CDN prices decrease, we automatically pass our savings on to you.

Analytics dashboard

Provides Quality of Experience insights by browser, device, or location.

Knowledgeable support

We’re eager to resolve any issue or answer any questions you might have.

100% SLA guarantee

Our team is fanatical about providing your end-users with the highest quality video experience.

Single point of contact

Experience the benefits of multiple delivery partners, with one single point of contact.

Reduced abandonment

More viewing time means increased ad inventory and churn reduction.

Improved customer engagement

More video playtime means more advertising revenue and a better customer experience.

Ready to find out how you can boost revenue, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce costs?

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