We’re passionate about making the internet better.

SmartVideo was created to bring Netflix-level streaming to everyone.

Internet media giants like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon know how to deliver video. Their playback experiences are generally pleasant with quick load times and very few stall-outs. But they also employ hundreds of engineers who eat, sleep and breathe video delivery. We understand that not all companies have the resources to devote this much focus toward video streaming. That’s why we built SmartVideo. With SmartVideo, any business can deliver a professional-grade video experience on its site, with no video delivery expertise required.

Who is Swarmify?

Swarmify is a team with a passion for making the Internet better. At this point, the best-quality video streaming is highly proprietary and locked down by the biggest names in the industry, making it nearly impossible for the average business owner or developer to have a professional, clean video experience on their site. That makes for crummy experiences across the Internet for site owners and users alike. We wanted to change that, so we formed Swarmify to bring professional video streaming to businesses everywhere.

Really smart people who believe in us and give us advice:

Marty Roberts

Former Co-CEO at The Platform

Marty Roberts’ diverse leadership background includes 17 years of product, marketing, and sales management. His experience developing strategy, building relationships with development organizations, and creating new products and services helped increase the customer base and profitability for organizations such as GiftCertificates.com and RealNetworks.

At thePlatform, Marty led sales and account management, business development, marketing, and product management. His contributions to the company’s success include repositioning the company and products, increasing the brand awareness through advertising, PR and the website, building an ecosystem with eighty partners, driving the product strategy for initiatives such as TV Everywhere and providing guidance to industry leading customers including TimeWarner Cable, Comcast, A&E, CBS, NBC and others. Marty Roberts was named one of Multichannel News’ Top 40 executives under 40 in 2012.

Alex Rudloff

Former Chief Digital Strategist at TED

With over 20 years of internet industry experience, Alex is an expert in digital media. Alex has served previously as the Chief Digital Strategist of TEDx at TED Conferences, Vice President of Product at AOL and CEO of multiple acquired internet startups. While at TED he crafted the vision and oversaw development of the key support systems that enable TEDx to achieve exponential scale.

From 2012 to 2015, Alex was also the President of the Board of Directors for The Haven for Children, a group home for children in the State of Florida’s foster care system. He is currently on the Executive Committee for the United Way in Brevard County Florida and an occasional speaker/advisor in the local technology startup community.

John Vecchio

Partner Mosley Ventures and Co-Founder at Clearleap

John has been in the software industry for 30 years. Prior to joining Mosley Ventures, John has co-founded three software companies. The companies raised over $50M from prominent venture firms across the US. N2 Broadband was acquired for $120M in 5 years. Clearleap is the underlying multi-screen video streaming technology to customers including HBO, Verizon and Time Warner.

John has worked on product strategy, software development & investor pitches with numerous startup companies in the Atlanta area. John created timely innovative products and scaled organizations at Cisco (Scientific Atlanta) & The Weather Channel. His team was awarded a Technical and Engineering Emmy for his Video on Demand system. John has a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Florida State University. He is a patent holder for video transcoding and distribution algorithms.

Dan Balda, MD

Executive Chairman at Medicomp

Dan Balda is a successful entrepreneur, physician, and engineer holding 10 patents. Dan lead the private equity buyback of Medicomp from United Therapeutics and returned it to profitability.

Dr. Balda previously held the role of chief executive officer as well as multiple other positions in the company in his 16-year tenure. Dr. Balda earned his electrical engineering degree with a biomedical concentration and a focus in neurobiology from Cornell University. He stayed on at Cornell to participate in his masters studies, and later completed his medical studies at the University of Florida College of Medicine. Dr. Balda has received numerous industry awards, and most recently was a finalist for the prestigious Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Dr. Balda splits time between Melbourne and Tampa, Florida and has two beautiful daughters and a son.

Chris Bray

Former VP of Product at Highwinds CDN

Chris led the product management team at Highwinds where he helped build a top-tier global Content Delivery Network. During his tenure, he assisted in growing the platform and network from zero to multiple terabits per second of delivery capacity providing 24/7 global service to customers of all sizes, including multiple Fortune 500 companies. Chris was the go-to domain expert for large customer opportunities and provided training and support for the sales organization.

Chris received his Bachelor’s degree in Management of Information Systems from the University of Central Florida and has worked in the software industry for over 20 years.

SmartVideo was made for site owners like you.

Get Netflix-like quality for your site today. Affordable. Professional. Effortless.